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Baoji Create Metal Co., Ltd is a leading professional producer of nonferrous metal material, such as Titanium,Nickel,and Zirconium based alloy, other high performance metal products, and so on. It’s located in Baoji City, which is named“China Titanium Valley”. The company had strong cooperation relationship in production and R&D with Baoti Group, Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute.

Create Metal mainly suppliesgood quality various nonferrous products for international customersfrom South Korea, Japan, European, UK, USA and many other countries. With complete and effective quality management system(QMS),the products can be manufactured and certified to many industrial, aerospace, and medicalstandards such as ASTM、AMS、AME、JIS、ASME,DINand also according to specific customer specifications or requests. Our main products are Titanium, Nickel, Zirconium& other nonferrous products, which include sheets, bars, tubes, wires, blocks, rings, discs, structure parts, standard parts and other customer’s requesting material. All our products, which with best quality & stable property, are widely used in ocean, fossil oil, industry, electric power, medical, construction, sport goods and other fields. They always can meet customers’ various requirements.

If you hadn’t found the nonferrous material you need in this website, please feel free to contact us. We will develop a program that works for you.

The company always focuses on making further application and research on titanium and other nonferrous products.Create Metal prides itself in providing good quality products, kindly services, and solutions to our customers.

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